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History of WW2


In this application, you are waiting for articles about technology, major events, aces, as well as a gallery with lots of pictures of the war.ARTICLES:-hronologiya 59 articles-tanki 49 articles-sau Article 42-samolety 58 articles-asy 35 pilots-asy tankers 15PHOTO:-hronologiya 118 pictures-tanki 148 photos-sau 126 photos-samolety 116 pictures-asy pilots 70 photos-asy tankers 30 photos-Key operations 221 PhotoTotal awaits you:258 articles829 images (SD, MD);We are a young team, we love history, especially the heroic times when the clash between the two greatest armies in the world in mortal combat, the time when the world is in fact adopted a modern look.In this application, we have tried to make a neutral party. We hope that this guide will have you in mind, because we have invested in it his own. The app is completely free, better pay for us to be a good review or assessment.
The plans of adding ships, submarines, more articles about major events. Thanks to your letters with suggestions we will be better.
The main objective for us was to make a nice, small application with detailed and easy navigation which can be read at home, at work, in transport. This is open like in the old models and the new cutting-edge plates.!!! Thank you download this app !!!